How to tell a guy you like him

Tell a guy you like himYou have found that special guy and you are very excited. The only problem is that he does not seem to have any idea that you like him, and the mere thought of telling him about your feelings can be quite frightening. However, experienced escorts can advise you in this matter since they know the subtle art of expressing a sentiment without having to say anything. Let them show you how to tell a guy you like him through exceptional approaches.

Take advantage of body language to tell a guy that you like him

The body language is a form of communication that does not involve the use of words. As experienced seductive women, the ladies from SexeModel know that this is certainly a fearsome weapon to attract men. Results of this approach are worthwhile both for the seduction game and to understand the man you have in front of you.

Knowing how to tell a guy you like him involves knowing the subtleties of body language. In this way you will b,e able to send the adequate signals to the man you want to seduce.

As any intelligent escort Paris will tell you, the first contact consists of looking into the eyes of your partner. Using only your gaze you can express many things while you attract that special guy towards you. Keep good eye contact, and then look away briefly.

Start by casting glances at the one that attracts you. Make them last more and more time. Look into his eyes, and then turn your gaze to his mouth and back to his eyes, combine this with a shy smile, so he will know for sure that you are interested on him.

There are several ways to show that you want to know more about someone. As clever escorts will tell you, your hands can express a lot. Caressing your hair or touching, with a certain rhythm, the sleeve of your blouse, are sensual acts and let the other person know that you are interested.

How to subtly express your interest on him

A skilled escort Paris will tell you that an excellent strategy to tell a guy you like him consists on demonstrating an active interest in knowing more about him. Ask anything you can think of as long as you avoid questions that could bother him.

For instance, you can inquire about his family, friends, dreams or future plans. There is a wide range of topics when you stop to think about it for a moment.

An appropriate and genuine compliment is another wonderful way to demonstrate how interested you are in someone as splendid escorts will tell you. Highlight his talents such as his business achievements or his athletic skills.

Not only will you win his trust, but you will show him that you are interested in his life and the things he likes.

Finally, you do not need to directly tell this guy that you like him, but you could give him some obvious clues from time to time so that he knows that you really enjoy being close to him.
A seductive escort Paris will recommend you to tell him that you enjoyed the time they spent together at the end of a date. Try saying something simple but without leaving room for doubts.